Naomi Chudowsky


Naomi Chudowsky

Naomi Chudowsky, Ph.Dis founder of TrueScore Consulting.  She has worked in the field of educational testing and research for more than twenty years. After earning her Ph.D at Stanford University in educational psychology and measurement, Naomi coordinated the development of a new statewide high school testing program at the Connecticut State Department of Education. From there she moved to Washington, DC, where she worked on President Clinton’s Voluntary Testing Initiative at the National Center for Education Statistics.  That was followed by seven years as a Program Officer at the National Academy of Sciences, where she conducted research and wrote committee reports on a wide variety of education topics. Family considerations brought Naomi to Bend, Oregon in 2003.  As a consultant, she has continued to use her expertise to help nonprofits and government agencies conduct high-quality education research. 


Victor Chudowsky, Ph.D.  joined the business as a writer and number cruncher. His expertise is in research methods, surveys, focus groups, and policy writing. Not only does he conduct a wide range of statistical analyses, but he is able to explain complex research methods and results to policy makers. Before joining Naomi’s consultancy, Victor worked for the Meridian International Center, a major contractor to the U.S. Department of State. There he worked closely with the U.S. diplomatic corps to design training programs for visiting foreign dignitaries. He received his Ph.D. from University of Connecticut in political science, and won a federal grant to conduct public opinion research in the former USSR. In 2012, Victor was elected to the City Council of Bend, Oregon.


Naomi Chudowsky




TrueScore also has established relationships with other top-notch writers, editors, and researchers whom we draw upon for specific projects, as needed.