TrueScore provides a variety of research services for decision makers in education and other fields. We collect, analyze, and interpret data to inform policy discussions or to evaluate the effectiveness of a program. We use a broad range of measures, both quantitative and qualitative, to see if policies and programs are meeting their goals.

Naomi Chudowsky
Program Evaluation


Does your organization need to know whether a program or policy is meeting its goals? TrueScore provides independent evaluations of the extent to which programs are meeting desired outcomes. We perform all aspects of an evaluation, from study design, to data collection, to communicating results in easy-to-understand reports.

Survey Design


Creating a survey may seem simple, but there is actually a lot of science and expertise that goes into the development of a valid and reliable survey. TrueScore has extensive experience developing surveys and tests to measure changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of target populations. 

Data Collection & Analysis


TrueScore consultants have expertise in a broad range of statistical methods for analyzing quantitative data collected through surveys and tests. We also often use qualitative methods such as interviews and focus groups to gather more in-depth or nuanced information from program participants. We then analyze and summarize this information in ways that are most useful to our clients. 

Logic Model & Theory of Change Development


Sometimes organizations need to reconnect with their strategic goals and desired outcomes. Our consultants are skilled in the development of logic models and theories of change--essential tools used to graphically depict program inputs, outputs, and desired outcomes. These models are highly useful for planning a new program or evaluating an existing one.

Report Writing


We have published numerous research reports, literature reviews, committee reports, brochures, opinion columns, presentations, and executive summaries. We specialize in taking technical research methods and findings and explaining them clearly to policy makers, the media, or the public. In other cases, our research reports have been aimed specifically at program staff and are not available to the public.